Please read the following carefully several times to prevent problems and complications of treatment and experience excellent treatment.

  1. If your teeth are sensitive, avoid eating hot and cold foods and eat lukewarm drinks and foods. Because this will increase the sensitivity of the teeth and add unnecessary treatments to your treatment plan.
  2. If your teeth are sensitive, swirl 0.05% lukewarm fluoride mouthwash in your mouth for 30 seconds after each meal.
  3. Brush the cut teeth gently with a toothbrush. If the teeth hurt, you can get sterile gauze from the pharmacy and clean these teeth with sterile gauze and brush the other teeth.
  4. Use straws as much as possible to enjoy drinks.
  5. If the medicine has been prescribed for you, click here for the instructions of the medicine that has been prescribed to you. Take your medications with a full glass of water and as much as possible with a full stomach (to prevent stomach pain). Take all medications as directed. Each of these instructions has a scientific reason. For example, it is necessary to take the prescribed painkillers despite the pain because these painkillers have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent swelling and bruising of the face as much as possible.

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