gum surgery

Any change in the size of the gums is called gingival surgery. Here are some common types of gum surgery.

Types of gum surgery

Types of gum surgery and a brief description of each include the following four;

  1. Crown lengthening surgery: In this surgery, the gums around the tooth are moved a few millimeters to increase the length of the crown to cover or remove the gingival smile. This surgery is performed in laser dentistry of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan with laser.
  2. Gingival lift surgery: Raising the border line between the gums and teeth to remove the gingival smile is in fact a gingival lift as a subset of surgery to increase the length of the tooth crown.
  3. Gum transplantation in natural teeth: Sometimes the gums become damaged due to high-intensity brushing or gum disease. To treat this problem, a thick gum is sometimes removed from the palate and transplanted to the weakened area. And sometimes this problem is solved by other methods.
  4. Gum transplant in implant: One of the effective factors in the life of the implant is the fixed and thick gums around the implant. If there is no quality of the gums around the implant, a gingival transplant is recommended to solve this problem. Sometimes, in this transplant, a thick gum is removed from the person’s palate and a transplant is made around the implant. Gingival whitening is normal after transplantation.

Gum lift

Raising the border line of the gums and teeth is to remove the gingival smile. In fact, this type of surgery is a subset of surgery to increase the length of the tooth crown. In some cases, jaw surgery or Botox injections or a combination of these treatments are recommended to remove the gingival smile.

Before laminating or composite, it is better to check the height of the gingival smile line and lift the gums if necessary.

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Gingival laser

In VIP dentistry, Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan perform most laser gum surgeries. Laser gingival resorption treatment, laser gum lift, laser crown crown lengthening are among these surgeries.

Gingival smile

In an ideal smile, the gums of the upper teeth are not visible or can be seen up to one millimeter. If the gums of the teeth are more than one millimeter, we call this type of smile a gingival smile. In us, a gingival smile includes the following or a combination of The following are;

  1. Gum lift
  2. Maxillofacial Surgery
  3. Botox

Does gum surgery hurt?

In the VIP Dental Center of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan, painless and up-to-date methods are used in all surgeries and most surgeries are performed with lasers.

Complications of gingival surgery

Complications of gingival surgery include:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Inflation
  3. the pain
  4. Sensitivity to cold and heat

The occurrence of these complications depends on the surgical technique and the area and extent of the surgery and is largely preventable.

Gum lift price

How much does a gingival laser cost? How much does a gingival transplant cost? Click here for the cost of gingival lift.

Gingival surgeon

A dentist who has completed another three years of gingival surgery after a six-year course in general dentistry. Note that there is no evidence of gingival specialization in dentistry.

Gum Lift Film

Gum lift photo

Laminate or composite ??

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People’s Opinions About Gum Lift

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