Tooth restoration

Tooth restoration means repairing dental defects. These defects are caused by the removal of caries or broken teeth or full teeth.

Cost of tooth restoration

Price of dental fillings in 98, 99 and 1400:

Click here to know the cost of tooth restoration and the cost of filling teeth in VIP dentistry of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan.

Differences between poor quality repair (cheap repair) and quality repair

Below we point out a number of differences between quality and low quality repairs, obviously only those that can be understood by people who do not have expertise in this field, while quality repairs are very different from low quality repairs.

  1. In quality restoration, all tooth decay is removed.
  2. In quality restoration when cutting teeth, special tools are used to prevent damage to the lateral teeth and do not damage the enamel of adjacent teeth.
  3. Advanced quality tools are used in quality restoration. Among the features of these tools are spraying water in four directions and being equipped with LED light. These two advantages help to avoid damaging the tooth nerve during cutting.
  4. In quality restoration, the tooth is completely cleaned before restoration.
  5. In quality restoration, all dental caries are removed.
  6. Quality materials are used in quality restoration. The use of poor quality materials causes serious damage to the teeth in the long run.
  7. The lifespan of quality filled teeth is several times that of poor quality restorations.
  8. In quality restoration, the shape of the restored tooth is the same as a natural tooth, and grooves and bumps are created on the tooth to help chew food.
  9. Laser is usually used in quality repairs, but not using a laser does not necessarily mean that the repair is of poor quality.
  10. It is usually done in quality flooring and build-up repairs if necessary.
  11. Fractures of filled teeth are common in poor quality restorations.
  12. In quality cosmetic restorations, the tooth is also provided and the restored tooth is not recognizable.

Are you going to have an implant ??

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filling teeth

Tooth filling is the same as tooth restoration. In fact, filling a tooth means filling dental defects. These defects are caused by tooth decay or breakage. Restoration of all teeth, including the repair of decayed teeth in the front, sting and back, has a high technical sensitivity, and laser is used in VIP dentistry of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan.

Filling teeth with white material

Filling a tooth with white material is the same as filling a tooth with a composite. This type of filling is very popular. White material means the same material. After restoring a tooth with these materials, the restored tooth is not recognizable. The lifespan of fillings with amalgam (black or silver material) or composite, if of good quality, is no different.

Repair of broken teeth

Before repairing a broken tooth, the health of the tooth nerve is checked, and if the tooth nerve is completely healthy, only tooth restoration is sufficient. However, in some cases, root canal or veneer treatment is required.

Replacing amalgam with composite

In many cases, to ensure the beauty of teeth that have been filled with amalgam (black or silver material) in the past, it is recommended to replace these restorations and restorations with composite.

Painless tooth restoration

Does fillings hurt? Does tooth restoration hurt? In VIP dentistry, Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan perform tooth restoration with painless methods, advanced devices and up-to-date methods.

Toothache after filling

Is pain normal after filling a tooth? Does the tooth hurt after filling? What is the cause of pain after filling a tooth? Only in one percent of cases after tooth restoration we may have pain. The following three different conditions are examined:

  1. Toothache when filling: This pain is caused by the length of the tooth restoration. In this case, see your dentist to shorten the tooth. Otherwise, this pain will increase over time.
  2. Sensitivity to cold and heat of filled teeth after restoration; In this case, according to the writings of dental books, we wait for two months, ninety percent of the time, this sensitivity decreases over time.
  3. Severe pain in a restored tooth; In this case, in most cases, denervation is recommended.

What is dental laminate? What is dental composite?

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The best dentist for tooth restoration

Features of the best dentist for tooth restoration;

  1. Mastering most dental treatments can offer the best treatment for you
  2. Use of advanced equipment
  3. Complete hygiene
  4. Use good materials
  5. Work conscience and self-sacrifice
  6. Obtaining a valid degree from a reputable university
  7. Perform treatment carefully and obsessively

Tooth restoration film

Photo of tooth restoration

Have a beautiful smile

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People’s opinions about tooth restoration

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