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Teeth whitening

How to whiten our teeth? What is good for teeth whitening? What are the ways to whiten teeth?

In answer to these questions; It is better to ask these questions: do you just want your teeth to be one to three degrees whiter and your goal is not to change the dimensions or improve the order of your teeth? Or do you want to improve these as well? Or do you want to choose your tooth color exactly from the dental color pattern (this pattern includes all tooth color ranges from the yellowest to the whitest) exactly yourself? There are three states of existence that we describe below.

A) A method for whitening teeth only one to three degrees without changing the dimensions of the teeth; First, brushing in the dental office, then bleaching in the office, then bleaching at home, and then using a good brand of teeth whitening toothpaste once a week for two minutes with gentle pressure of the toothbrush without using an electric toothbrush.

B) A method for teeth whitening so that before doing the work, the color of our teeth is exactly the same color that we have chosen in our dental color pattern (this pattern includes all tooth color ranges from the most natural to the whitest); In this case, composite or laminate is recommended.

C) The trick of whitening teeth so that in addition to whitening teeth, we also improve the size of our teeth and make our teeth more regular; Composite or laminating or in some cases orthodontics with laminating and composite.

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Ways to whiten teeth

There are three ways to whiten teeth; Below we explain all four methods along with their applications.

  1. Bleaching; To whiten teeth one to three degrees without any change in the size of the teeth
  2. Composite or laminate; To change the color of the teeth to the color determined by the authorities and to improve the size and order of the teeth
  3. Home whitening method using home bleaching or whitening toothpaste; This method alone does not have the necessary efficiency and is used only as a supplement to the above methods.

The benefits of white teeth

Increasing one’s self-confidence, improving social and work relationships, and enjoying one’s smile in the mirror are some of the benefits of white teeth, do not forget that most celebrities improve their smile design; We have included photos of some of these people in this text

Home method for teeth whitening

Home teeth whitening is only possible with whitening toothpaste and bleaching gels at home. However, these methods alone are not practical and are used as a complement to other methods for teeth whitening.

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Tooth whitening toothpaste

There are different toothpastes for home whitening, but the important thing to keep in mind about these toothpastes is to use very good brands, and considering that these toothpastes contain abrasives, finally Use once a week for two minutes at low pressure.

The best home teeth whitener

The best home teeth whitener; Bleaching is at home, in this method, after bleaching in your dentist’s office, it creates a mold for your jaw, and at home, you pour bleaching gel at home into these molds and put it on your teeth. For more information, refer to the bleaching section of our site.

Teeth whitening with charcoal

Does charcoal whiten teeth? Charcoal is an abrasive substance and this substance with the wear of the teeth causes the removal of excess colors on the teeth and at the same time the abrasion of the tooth enamel, so teeth whitening using charcoal for teeth whitening once a year with very low pressure is recommended. Activated charcoal is sold in capsules in stores and is also called tooth whitening in some drug centers. Brush lightly using the powder inside the capsule.

The cost of teeth whitening

The cost of teeth whitening depends on the method you use to whiten your teeth. It is better to read the section of teeth whitening methods on this page and after choosing the method you want, read the cost of that method on the relevant page of this site. Call and cost estimates

Rapid teeth whitening

For fast teeth whitening, the best way is to do composite or double-jaw laminating in one session or bleaching in the dental office.

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The method that celebrities have used to whiten their teeth

Before and after photos of celebrities


American singer, songwriter and actress Miley Ray Cyrus

Cheryl cole English singer, dancer and TV personality

Morgan Freeman American actor, director and narrator

Emma Roberts is an American actress and singer

Nicole Kidman Australian actress, producer and singer

David Beckham Professional footballer and former star of the English football team

NiallHoran Successful Irish singer and songwriter

Blake Ellender Lively American actor and actress

American producer Tom Cruise, winner of three Golden Globe Awards and three Academy Award nominations


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