dental denervation

Neurosurgery or endodontics or root canal treatment means emptying the canals inside the tooth and filling these canals with special materials.

Stages of dental denervation

The steps of tooth denervation are named below:

  1. first stage : Caries removal and access to dental canals
  2. second stage : Cleaning and rinsing the canals
  3. third level : Fill the canals in a pyramidal manner with antibacterial material
  4. Step 4: Tooth crown restoration and veneer

The difference between low quality (cheap) and quality dental denervation

Contrary to popular belief, denervation does not just mean stopping the pain. Poor quality denervation means that each of the above steps is incomplete, which leaves long-term complications despite the cessation of pain in the short term. These side effects include:

  1. In poor quality neurosurgery, the possibility of cyst formation at the end of the root is very high.
  2. Poor quality denervation leads to future tooth infection.
  3. Poor root canal treatment reduces the life of the tooth.
  4. The probability of future pain in poor quality denervation after initial pain relief is very high.
  5. The probability of cracks and fractures in poor quality denervation is very high.

Tooth denervation hurts

Dental denervation is performed painlessly in the VIP Dental Center of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan. The risk of pain during denervation is very low in this center, but there is a possibility of pain after denervation, which can be prevented with painkillers. The causes of this pain are mentioned below.

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Nervous tooth pain

What causes pain after denervation? Does the tooth hurt after denervation? Why does a tooth hurt after denervation? In answer to these questions, we must say, suppose a person’s finger is amputated. Is the amputation of that person’s finger nerves a valid reason that the person is not in pain? Amputation of any nerve means amputation of a part of a nerve that remains in the body and the amputated end of the nerve that causes pain in the person.

Sometimes this pain is below the pain threshold of the person and we do not feel pain, but sometimes we may feel pain, in which case we can prevent this pain by taking painkillers such as novafen. In fact, pain after denervation is normal and does not mean incomplete denervation. If this pain persists for more than a week, there is a possibility of tooth restoration (even insensitive heights), in which case see your dentist for an examination.

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Dental denervation price

The price of front and rear tooth denervation has been increasing in the years 97 98 99 1400, but before knowing the cost of denervation, it is better to read the following paragraph.

The cost of poor quality (cheap) denervation in the long run is higher than the cost of quality denervation, so that the probability of infection and fracture of the tooth in quality denervation is less in the future, so clients will incur lower costs in the long run.

There are several top brands in each product, for example, in a car or clothing or other goods, the life of an Adidas shoe is certainly at least twice the life of an unknown brand of shoes.

But denervation is very different from a shoe, because if the teeth are damaged, sometimes irreparable damage is done to your health and your jawbone.

Everyone is looking for the best doctor if they need heart surgery or any of the organs of the body, but 30% of people are looking for the best dentist. This is due to the low awareness of society. Because if society is aware that teeth, in addition to having a direct effect on other organs of the body such as the heart and gastrointestinal tract, also affect a person’s social and economic life. In this case, without a doubt, every person in the community will be looking for the best dentists and the best materials. As a result, when it comes to your health, as much as possible, cost should be the last priority, and your priority should be the quality of treatment and a good dentist for neurosurgery so that your health is not overshadowed.

Always keep in mind for the rest of your life that the lowest quality dental care is the most expensive in the long run.

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Home treatment of denervated toothache

To remove a denervated tooth, apply a cold compress from the outside of the mouth to the area of ​​the denervated tooth. Apply this compress at intervals of ten minutes to ten minutes in that area.

But at the same time, take two Novafen tablets. If the pain does not go away in one hour, use a naproxen 500 suppository.

Dental denervation film

How long does tooth denervation take?

How long does a denervation take? In how many stages is denervation performed? Today, due to advanced equipment such as a rotary device, denervation is usually done in one step and in half an hour.

Treatment of tooth root infection

There are many different types of root canal treatment that can be diagnosed by a dentist. If there is swelling, go to the dentist’s office as soon as possible.

Life of denervated teeth

The life of a denervated tooth, in addition to the quality of the dental denervation itself, also depends on the quality of the tooth restoration, but if these two are done ideally, the life span of the denervated tooth is 15 years on average. The number increases and decreases with non-observance of hygiene and nutrition.

Dental denervation at home

Dental denervation does not only mean pain relief, and to prevent infection in the future, all denervation procedures must be performed carefully by a specialist dentist, and denervation with brake fluid and denervation with garlic are wrong.


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Dental denervation in pregnancy

Dental denervation during pregnancy in the second trimester is possible with the approval of the obstetrician and the presentation of a consultation sheet by this doctor to the dentist, but only one stage of dental denervation is recommended because radiography is required during the denervation, so continue and It is possible to complete the treatment after a temporary dressing after pregnancy.

Root specialist

Endodontist is a dentist who has completed a three-year specialization course after a general dentistry course. At the VIP Dental Center of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan, denervation is performed professionally.

Root remediation

Poor quality neurosurgery treatments (of course, sometimes quality treatments due to the susceptibility of the body to infection) can lead to cysts and infections in the teeth. Cured the infection.

Laser tooth denervation

Laser dental denervation is a technical technique and due to the disinfectant properties of the laser, the quality of the denervation treatment increases. At Dr. VIP Dental Center, Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan, some services are performed microscopically with a laser.

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