Tooth Jewel

Tooth jewels can be made of stone, jewelry, gold, artificial crystals and make a person’s smile attractive and face variety. It does not need to be trimmed and is placed in place by the dentist.

Advantages of dental gems

Negin makes a person’s smile diverse and attractive and can be picked up in the future.

The jewel of gold teeth

The tooth jewel can be made of gold according to the clients’ tastes.

Negin temporary teeth

All dental gems can be removed from the teeth when the client wants. This means that the dental gem can be used temporarily.

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Photo of Negin Tooth

The jewel of a permanent tooth

Dental gem can also be used permanently.

The difference between low quality (cheap) tooth jewels and quality jewels

Differences between quality gem and low quality gem (cheap)

  1. Quick color change
  2. Tooth damage
  3. Being unattractive

The price of a dental gem

In order to know the price of Negin in VIP dentistry, Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan are required to visit in person.

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