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What is scaling? What is gingival scaling? Mass behind the front teeth? What is tooth mass?

Scaling: Before defining scaling, it is permissible to have a brief definition of scaling. In fact, plaque is the same as microbial plaque and food deposits on teeth. If a person does not fully observe their dental hygiene, over weeks and months, these soft deposits will calcify and harden and form a mass. Deposited paint on the teeth can also be caused by eating food and colored drinks such as tea and coffee and smoking and hookah. In fact, scaling of the teeth or scaling of the gums causes the removal of deposits and colors from the teeth and in severe cases, the removal of the mass from under the gums. Tooth scaling can be done manually or with an ultrasonic device

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What are the types of tooth scaling, types of tooth scaling methods, tooth scaling methods?

A) Manual scaling: Manual scaling is done by tools called Kurts, which is only used when there is a small amount of mass.

B) Ultrasonic instruments: This tool causes vibration and fines of water particles to remove the mass from the teeth and the presence of water prevents the pen from heating up and damages the teeth.

C) Scaling with air flow device, a new method in removing mass and color from teeth: This device removes excess paint from the teeth by combining air and sodium bicarbonate particles without any damage.

D) Tooth brushing: Brushing the teeth with prophylactic paste causes the teeth to be polished after scaling and removing excess paint from the teeth. To brush the teeth, a brush-like device is used on the dental brace, and this brush removes excess paint by rotating it on the teeth.

What are the benefits of dental scaling? What is the benefit of scaling?

The presence of dental plaque and plaque in the long run leads to tooth decay and inflammation and bleeding gums and periodontal disease. If scaling the teeth is done and the person observes his oral hygiene so that the teeth do not scaling again, in addition to eliminating inflammation and bleeding, it leads to the prevention of caries and sometimes increasing beauty, teeth whitening and increasing the person’s self-confidence. Turns. Occasionally there is a large amount of plaque on the teeth causing body odor and yellow and black spots on the teeth, destroying the beauty of a person’s smile. It is necessary for people who are prone to plaque on their teeth to visit once every 6 months and, if necessary, to take scaling.

What are the disadvantages of criminalization? Is scaling a complication? What are the complications of scaling teeth?

There is a misconception among the general public that scaling leads to damage to teeth and enamel. In fact, the risk of plaque on the teeth and consequently caries and periodontal disease is much higher than the harm of scaling. As the medicine is given to the patient, not the healthy person, if there is a crime, scaling is required, but if the person does not have a crime on the teeth, scaling is not necessary. If the scaling is done by a dentist in reputable centers, no damage will be done to the teeth. It is only possible for up to two days after scaling due to the removal of deposits from the teeth when using very hot or very cold foods, the teeth will be shot by giving fluoride mouthwash and using lukewarm food in the first two days after scaling. Taking this problem will also be solved.

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How much does a scaling tooth cost? What is the cost of tooth scaling? Tooth scaling tariff?

The cost of scaling depends on the method of scaling (manual, airflow, ultrasonic) and the severity of the patient’s problem. In the presence of heavy masses under the gums, the presence of periodontal disease increases the cost. In severe cases of gingival disease, two or more stages of scaling are performed at two-week intervals and the patient’s condition is followed in terms of proper hygiene.

Tooth scaling photo:


تصویر جرمگیری و بروساژ
Scaling and bracing in the VIP office of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan

How often does scaling occur? How often should I be charged?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. On average, a susceptible patient (the presence of a specific salivary compound that predisposes to crime and a family history of gum disease) should be referred once every 6 months to check the condition of the gums and the need for scaling, and if there is a crime, scaling be done . Sometimes in patients who have good oral hygiene, scaling is done only once and then there is no need to scaling with proper hygiene.

Does tooth scaling hurt? Is anesthesia needed for scaling?

The question that is on the minds of many clients is whether scaling really hurts ??

The definition of pain and pain threshold is different in different people. It can be said with confidence that scaling is one of the painless treatments without the need for anesthesia injections. Anesthesia is injected only in cases of gingival diseases that require deep removal of plaque and plaque from under the gums, in which case the patient will not have any pain during and after the anesthesia injection.

What is a toothbrush?

After scaling the teeth, brushing is used to smooth and polish the surface of the teeth and remove the paint from the teeth. Brushing uses a small brush that is mounted on the dental angle and the brush moves the special paste that contains abrasive particles on the tooth with rotating movements, leading to the removal of the surface colors of the teeth and the whitening of the teeth. In patients who have stained only on the surface of the teeth, which can be due to excessive consumption of tea and coffee or smoking. Sometimes just using a brush without using scaling tools is enough to remove the paint. Of course, in these people, the priority is to use Airflow.

Does scaling whiten teeth? Teeth whitening with scaling?

In fact, scaling removes plaque and foreign colors on the surface of the tooth and the main color of the tooth does not change, but in patients with high amounts of plaque and foreign colors (in patients with a history of excessive use of tea, coffee and smoking) Scaling along with brushing can cause noticeable discoloration of the teeth. Otherwise, bleaching is needed to change the color of the teeth. Bleaching causes teeth to lighten by a few degrees.

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What is laser scaling of teeth?

In this method, a laser is used to remove mass and color from the teeth. Of course, what is popularly known as laser scaling is the same as bleaching using bleaching gel with blue light to lighten the color of the teeth a few degrees. In this method, the dentist by bleaching gel on the teeth and placing a gum protector by shining blue light on the teeth leads to whitening of the teeth.

Home method of scaling teeth? Teeth whitening with turmeric, teeth whitening with charcoal, teeth whitening with salt, teeth whitening with pomegranate peel? Teeth whitening with baking soda?

Doing none of these methods is scientifically proven, only the presence of acid and abrasive particles in these materials sometimes leads to temporary teeth whitening. It is recommended that patients do not use uninformed methods for home scaling of teeth and refer to reputable medical centers for treatments that are related to the person’s health and beauty. Because these methods, in addition to damaging the enamel, sometimes lead to the formation of lines and dissolved acidic surfaces on the teeth, which may lead to the patient’s apparent satisfaction in the first few days, but in the long run leads to extensive and severe staining of the teeth. Turns. Sometimes these injuries are irreversible and in some cases patients have to bear the heavy costs of treatment to eliminate the effects of these incorrect measures that have become a less expensive alternative to treatment.

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