Immediate or one-day dentistry

Doing dental work in the minimum time that is done using advanced equipment and up-to-date methods is called immediate or one-day dentistry. For example, in modern dentistry, advanced rotary devices are used in dental denervation. As a result, the accuracy and speed of work is multiplied.

Who is emergency dentistry suitable for?

People who can make the most of immediate dentistry:

  1. Busy people
  2. People who suffer from fear and anxiety in dentistry
  3. Overseas people
  4. People who come from cities

Immediate dental benefits

The benefits of emergency dentistry include the following:

Reduce the number of anesthesia injections

Save clients time

Reduce problems that occur between dental sessions, such as dropping dressings on unfinished teeth

Implants are the best replacement for missing teeth

What is an implant? Does the implant hurt? What are the benefits of implant treatment? Read all this Here

Immediate implants

Immediate implants have two meanings:

  1. Implants are performed immediately after tooth extraction: In most cases, the best time to implant is two months after tooth extraction, but in situations where time is important for clients, considering the bone conditions around the root of the extracted tooth, the implant can be done immediately after tooth extraction.
  2. Delivery of implant cover in implant implantation session: In immediate implants, the implant cover is delivered in the same implant implantation session or up to a week, and in most cases it is done in one session. One-day implants require special clinical conditions. It is better to use five famous implant brands that will be mentioned below in performing this type of implant. Immediate implant steps are no different from other implants.

Immediate implants are performed in VIP dentistry by Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan.

This implant is suitable for busy people, managerial and sensitive jobs and clients abroad or distant cities.

Immediate implant complications: Immediate implants require special clinical conditions. If these conditions exist and the principles that are told to the clients are observed, this implant has no special disadvantages.

Immediate implant price: The price of an instant implant is about 20% higher than a regular implant due to the temporary cover.

Immediate implant conditions: The most important condition for an immediate implant is the suitability of the bone around the remaining root.

The suitability of the bone around the root of the implant is one of the main conditions for implant placement.

Immediate orthodontics

Orthodontics is a time consuming process and the length of orthodontic treatment depends on many factors. Definitely the best way to reduce orthodontic treatment is the right treatment plan. Seeing the best dentists is a solution to reduce orthodontic time.

Orthodontic clients should be aware that not having orthodontics will increase their long-term dental visits, as dental malformations can cause many problems, including extensive dental caries.

Instant tooth veneer

Instant veneer means delivery of veneer in the molding session. Immediate veneer can be done with a low code machine. In cases where the veneer is several units, it is recommended not to do immediate veneer. Of course, in the molding session, until the coating is ready, the temporary coating can be delivered to the clients.

 VIP dental images

Clients’ opinions about one-day dentistry

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