Online Visit

VIP Dentistry Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam and Yalda Bazargan intend to provide visits and counseling in absentia and online for your well-being.


You dear ones can visit online by establishing communication through WhatsApp and receive treatment advice after sending a photo of your teeth.


To use online visit and get advice,

Loved ones who live abroad can pay the amount of 9 dollars to the dollar account TR83 0001 0090 1005 9537 9050 02 in the name of Dr. Yalda Bazargan.


Also, the dignitaries who live inside the country can deposit the amount (190.000 Tomans) to the card number 6104-3373-4346-8078 in the name of Dr. Yalda Bazargan and send the image of the deposit receipt to WhatsApp or vip dental telegram through the following buttons .


Our doctors will respond to you dear ones within a maximum of 24 hours

Please send your questions and requests in the form of a Weiss so that our doctors can provide the best and most effective advice and treatment method by carefully reviewing your questions and images. Note that you will have enough time to ask your questions and receive answers from Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam or Dr. Yalda Bazargan.


Up to 48 hours after eating colored substances such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, puffs, lavashka, etc., as well as smoking (in case of severe dependence on smoking, use the nicotine label available from the pharmacy) due to discoloration of composite teeth Avoid and eat white ingredients such as rice, milk, yogurt, bread, pasta, etc. as much as possible. With this possibility, you will not need to visit the center in person.

Note that orthodontic consultation will be done by Dr. Yalda Bazargan and implant consultation will be done by Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam. Aesthetic dental advice and other services may also be provided by any of our physicians. Obviously, if possible, face-to-face consultation in the center is recommended.


Items to be sent:


1. Images inside the mouth and a wide smile according to the sample images below

2. Opg image (dental radiography) that is done in specialized radiology centers of the jaw and face without the need for a prescription

3. Photographing the deposit slip of the in-person and online consultation fee

4. Complete Weiss includes questions and items related to the desired treatment

Notes in sending the image:

1- Like the pictures below, take three pictures from inside your mouth and smile

2- Smile completely and broadly

3- Take the image from the front and with appropriate quality

Visit whenever and wherever you are