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What is an implant and what are the components of an implant?


All about implants: Implants are the best way to replace a lost tooth. An implant unit consists of three parts:

1) Fixtuer: Made of titanium metal that plays the role of tooth root.

2) Abutment: Made of titanium metal, the implant cover is attached to the fixture by means of abutment.

3) Implant veneer: It is made of ceramic or a combination of ceramic and metal that acts as the crown of the tooth.

Important points and everything about implants


1- There are more than three hundred types of implants, more than half of which are new and without a history. There are only five famous implant brands in the world. In European countries and the United States, most of the use of dental implants is related to these five implants.

The implant consists of three parts: fixture (the part that is placed inside the bone), veneer, abutment (connector of veneer to fixture) and the cost of the implant depends on the quality of each of these parts.

2. Some countries have several implant manufacturers with different qualities, so the country of manufacture of implants does not determine the quality and the brand of implant is important.

3- Each of the prominent implants available in the market is designed for specific clinical conditions and referring to a center that has a variety of implant systems, it is recommended that the skilled dentist use the appropriate implant for each person according to the patient’s condition. .

4- Advertisements that are used for implants today, such as: one-day implants, non-surgical implants, implants after tooth extraction, should be accompanied by observing the basic principles of implant placement and loading, and the goal is not just immediate delivery of implants and temporary beauty of the patient. Because the goal of implant treatment is to achieve successful treatment with a long life.

5- Implant placement is painless and most patients do not feel any pain during implant placement and it is easier for clients compared to other dental treatments such as denervation.

6- Today, in developed countries, almost all patients use implants to replace lost teeth.

7. The presence of missing tooth space sometimes causes many problems and complications on the dental system.

8- Implantation is socially and economically beneficial in the long run.

9- According to the latest articles, it is recommended to perform vitamin D, cholesterol and blood lipid tests before implant treatment.

10- In twenty to thirty percent of patients, bone grafting is necessary to increase the life of the implant. However, in these patients, smaller implants can be placed, which sometimes leads to a reduction in the life of the implant.

11- Looseness of removable prosthesis (artificial tooth) can be significantly reduced by two to five implants.

12- Implant with veneer can sometimes be done in one day without surgery.

13- Digital implant (non-surgical implant) reduces the amount of gingival incision and eliminates the need for sutures.

14- The lifespan of the implant depends on the quality and quantity of bone and gums around the implant and in case of defects in any of these factors, additional surgeries should be performed to improve the condition of the bones and gums.

15. Several implants can be placed in one session.

16- For more information, read the following articles.

Implant photo

Photos of some of our center portfolio:



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Implant cost

The cost of cheap implants in the long run is higher than the price of well-known implants, so the likelihood of bone resorption around famous brands is much lower, and this makes clients incur lower costs in the long run.

There are several top brands in each product, for example in cars or clothing or other items, the life of an Adidas shoe is certainly at least twice the life of an unknown brand of shoes.

But implants are very different from a shoe because if the implant is damaged, sometimes irreparable damage will be done to your health and your jawbone.

All people are looking for the best doctor if they need heart surgery or any of the organs of the body, but 30% of people are looking for the best dentist in dentistry, this is due to low public awareness. Because if society is aware that teeth, in addition to having a direct effect on other organs of the body such as the heart and digestive system. They also affect the social and economic life of the individual. In this case, without a doubt, each person in the community will be looking for the best dentists and the best materials. As a result, when it comes to your health, cost should be the last priority as much as possible, and your priority should be the implant brand and a good dentist for the implant so that your health is not overshadowed.

Can you find a center where the Swiss-Stroman implant (ITI) is lower than nine million tomans in the implant tariff of 98 or 97 or 99?

The reason why many centers do not use the Stroeman brand is the high cost of this implant.

Therefore, one of the most important factors determining the price of implants is the brand of implants.

I am announcing the approximate prices of various brands of implants in 1999 for the knowledge of you dear ones in different dental centers:

The price of the top five implants in the world includes: Swiss implant Strohman ITI, SPI , American implant Zimmer, Biohorizon , Nobel bioker nobelbiocare, Astra astra about nine to twenty million

Korean implant price includes osstem, dio, implantiuom, dentis , about four to eight million

Other European or American implants: Swiss implant sic, german implant say begu, french implant mib, american implant intralack, italian implant about four to eight million

Iranian implant Kimia Cultivation of doctors about two to three million

Keep in mind that the reason for the difference in the price of a brand in some centers depends on many factors, including the quality of the implant coating laboratory and the originality of all parts involved in implant placement. The work of a doctor. In general, in the price of all service works, in addition to consumable materials, the quality of work is also involved.

Quality of work; It requires precision, work conscience and innate talent. For example, heart surgeons may use the same material but have very different tariffs, or another service work that can be exemplified is painting. Can our painting be the same price as Picasso’s? (Can’t we get the same Picasso consumables? So, from now on, look for quality in service work, because in service work, the cheapest work in the future will become the most expensive work because of the costs they incur. In addition, good and beautiful teeth compensate for their cost by improving social and economic relations.

The price of a complete implant is not equal to the sum of the implants of each tooth, because to perform a complete implant, a single jaw of each tooth is not implanted, but the teeth are placed one in the middle of the implant and the middle of the implants is covered.

The price of implants in different cities such as Yazd, Tabriz, Urmia, Karaj, Tehran, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Mashhad, Kerman is the same as long as the material and quality of work are the same, and from all these cities, clients always refer to Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam’s office.

The cost of implants in dentistry Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam

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Implant specialist

An implant specialist tells a dentist that in addition to completing a six-year course in general dentistry, he or she has completed a three-year course in dentistry and implant courses. And have valid documents from reputable dental centers. A gingival surgeon and gingivologist can also be considered an implant specialist, but just being a specialist doctor does not mean doing the ideal job, and examining portfolios is one way to find the doctor you want because dentistry is a combination of science and art.

Implant film

Videos of some of our center’s portfolios:



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Cheap implants

Cheap implants are used in different cities of Iran, Tabriz, Ardabil, Shiraz, Zanjan, and in different areas such as Narmak, Saadat Abad, Niavaran, but the important point that we should consider before doing cheap implants is that when it comes to health We are involved, for example, if we want to see a cardiologist, we go to the best doctors, so when we want to go to the dentist, we have to go to the best dentists because the tooth is a part of the body that in addition to beauty on all organs including the heart It is influential and has a great impact on our professional and social relationships.

Immediate implants

Immediate implant means delivery of the implant cover in the same implant implantation session or up to a maximum of one week. And most of the time it is done in one session. One-day implants require special clinical conditions. It is better to use five famous implant brands that will be mentioned below in performing this type of implant. Immediate implant steps are no different from other implants.

Immediate implants are performed in Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam’s dentistry.

This implant is suitable for busy people, has managerial and sensitive jobs.

Immediate implant complications: Immediate implants require special clinical conditions. If these conditions exist and the principles that are told to the clients are observed, this implant has no special disadvantages.

Immediate implant price: The price of an instant implant is about 20% higher than a regular implant due to the temporary cover.

Immediate implant conditions: The most important condition for an immediate implant is the suitability of the bone around the remaining root.

The suitability of the bone around the root of the implant is one of the main conditions for implant placement.

Stages of dental implants

How many stages does a dental implant have?

first stage : Planting fixtures

second stage : Molding

third level : Glue the cover

In total, the patient visits the implant for three sessions. Because the gum shaper is attached to the fixture in the same session of fixture implantation. The interval between the first and second sessions is 3 months (of course, in the SLMA type of Strohman implant, this time can be reduced to one month). In total, the entire implant process ends in 4 months. (Contrary to popular belief, implants do not require frequent visits for 4 months, and people who live elsewhere are easily able to have implants at Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam Dental Center.)

In an immediate or one-day implant, these steps may be done in one day. Of course, after a few weeks, the veneer delivered in one-day implants is usually replaced.

Does it take time to place each implant in a separate session?

NO . You can do 8 implants at a time in one session and mold the cover of all implants in one session.

Front tooth implants

Maxillofacial or mandibular front dental implants are very important due to cosmetic issues and the dentist considers cosmetic issues before performing this implant and informs the patient about the results of this treatment.

Steps of front tooth implant: It is the same as other implant placement procedures, except that gingival implantation may require more sessions.

Cost of front tooth implants: In most cases, it is no different from other areas of dental implants.

Types of implant brands

The types of implants are mentioned with a brief explanation below:

Zimmer American Implant:

It is one of the top five brands in the world. Zimmer has introduced a new generation of dental fixtures made of tantalum instead of titanium. It is always one of the best choices for dentists.

Swiss-Stromman ITI implant:

Strohman or Astraman or ITI implant is one of the top five brands in the world and is represented in Iran. And it can be said that it is the best implant in the world. The Strohmann brand itself has several models in which the Strohman SLA active and roxolid implants are designed to reduce the time required for healing and have been shown to lead to optimal tissue response. These two models have better quality than other Strohman implants. The Straman implant system has a Morse connector that ensures maximum implant stability.

SPI implants

Made by Tuman Medical Company of Switzerland, this implant has active SLE type.

SIC Implant

Made in Switzerland, which is not very old, but has high sales in Iran, and its low price compared to European implant brands is one of the reasons for its high sales. It is equal to Korean implant brands.

Ankylosis implant

Ankylosis implants have been used by dental implant surgeons for over 50 years. The connection between the implant and the abutment in this implant system is very strong and reliable.

Camlog implant system

The design of this implant system has anti-rotational stability. The Kamlag implant system allows the dentist to easily place the implant. But this implant has very low sales in Iran.

DENTIS implant

Dentis implants are designed for exceptional fracture resistance and high strength. This system is one of the average Korean implants in terms of quality.

AstraTech dental implants

AstraTech is an American-made dental implant. In the same year, the company introduced a special level of the Astra implant brand, which accelerates bone formation. The Astra system has the most scientific articles. It is one of the top five implants in the world.

Nobel Biocare Implant

The Nobel Biocare implant system is made of pure titanium and its surface has the advantage of bone production and bone integrity as well as very high durability. The success rate of this system is very high and it is currently one of the best and most successful implant systems. This implant does not have good support in Iran.

OSSTEM implant

OSSTEM implant is the best Korean implant. It is the seventh implant in the world among two hundred implants. Strengthens the bone integrity between the implant and the jawbone to an excellent level. The Ostom implant system ensures excellent cleanliness and is free of any residual material, making it the best type of Korean implant.

Dentsply Friadent Dental Implant

Dentsply Friadent Dental Implant is made of pure titanium, so it is known for its high strength and durability. It does not have good support in Iran.

implant system Intralock

The Intralock implant system covers all surgical and prosthetic needs. The system has also registered certain technologies in the world under its name, such as Ossean surface and L-PRF and technology.

Megagen implant

Magagen implant is one of the medium Korean implants. One of its production centers in Europe is Lithuania. It is produced in two types: Annie One and Annie Ridge.

Implant Implant or Dentium

Dentium is known as Implantium in Iran and is one of the top three Korean brands. Simplicity of surgery and reasonable implant price are its advantages.

Bicon implant

Baikan’s main philosophy is to reduce costs, time required and possible complications for the patient. Baikan implants are not accepted by some dentists.

Bego implants

Bego implant is one of the medium to high European brands and is made in Germany.

Ihdeh Idea Implant

Implant Dr. is an idea made in Switzerland. This implant is a weak brand in terms of surgery and prosthetics. The low price of this implant brand is tempting for many dentists.

Biohorizons implant

American-made BioHorizon implant is one of the top five implants in the world. After the introduction of the new biohorazine system (internal and tipred system) and laserlock technology, due to the acceleration of bone formation and reduced bone resorption, it became very popular in the dental community. This system does not have good support in Iran.

Implant IDI IDI

French brand iDi, which has a long presence in Iran. It is one of the average European implants. Each model of its fixtures is completely different in appearance and connection and is relatively reasonably priced.

Xive Implant

The Xive implant is manufactured by the German company DENTSPLY (licensed by Densplay USA) and is perhaps one of the few implants that has grade 1 to 5 titanium depending on the application of each part in its products. It does not have good support in Iran.

3I implant

The implant is American. Its special design has greatly reduced bone resorption in this implant. A special design called the switching platform was first implemented in this system. One of the disadvantages of this system is its high cost. It does not have good support in Iran.

Euroteknica implant

The implant Euroteknica is French. One of its most important features is a reasonable price and a guarantee from the company.

Implant Kimia Kesht Atteba kmc

Kimia Implant kesht atebba of kmc physicians is an Iranian implant that started operating in 1996. The manufacturer of this implant is in Kurdistan. This implant is a new implant.

Cowellmedi implant

Cowellmedi Company has started designing and manufacturing dental implants in South Korea, and Cowellmedi Company, with a team of researchers, dentists and specialists, has continuously designed and produced new products in the field of implantology. In 2012, INNO implants with surface SLA-Active and unique features entered the global market.

Geass implants

Geass Dental Implant has more than 30 years of experience in the field of implantology in Italy.

One of the points that attracts the audience at first glance to the Geass catalog is the simplicity and user-friendliness of the presentation and products of this system. It has an active surface in terms of energy and absorbs proteins and accelerates bone regeneration. This implant is one of the average European implants.

CMI or neo biotech implant

The low price of this implant has made it more attractive for patients and dentists.
From a surgical point of view, this brand of dental implant is very good, but it has problems in the prosthetic part, such as loosening the implant screw. It is one of the medium Korean implants.

German implant ICX

ICX implant is one of the brands that has a very strong connection between the abutment and the fixture. This brand is one of the medium to high brands.

Implant without surgery or digital implant

The best method for dental implants in 70% of cases is digital implants. Digital implant steps: Non-surgical implant is a method of implant placement in which in addition to preparing a cbct x-ray of the jaw, a three-dimensional scan of the client’s jaw is prepared and simulated with the help of the patient’s jaw software and the best route for implant placement is determined.

Then, according to the direction and direction of the implant, a template is prepared and the dentist uses this template to place the implant. In seventy percent of cases, this method is the best method of dental implantation and the best type of dental implant.

Disadvantages of digital implants: Digital implants are not possible in some clients due to the need for bone grafts.

Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam Digital Implant Center uses the most advanced equipment and consumables in the world.

Digital implant price: The cost of a digital implant is not much different from a non-digital implant.

Benefits of Digital Implant Implantation

  1. Reduce surgical time
  2. Reducing the amount of pain after implant placement
  3. Reduce the amount of swelling after implant placement
  4. A unique method for diabetics
  5. The most suitable method for those who need a cover immediately

Applicants for non-surgical implants in Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, Urmia, Ahvaz refer to Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam Dental Center.

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Implant of whole teeth

In answer to the question, how many implants are needed for the maxilla or how many implants are needed for the mandible? It should be said in each jaw to replace fourteen teeth; A minimum of four teeth and a maximum of eight teeth are required. Of course, most of the time (to reduce the pressure on the implant) it is recommended to do eight implants.

That is, complete mandibular implants and complete maxillary implants, finally 16 implants are needed.

The rest of the teeth are covered. And the covers are attached to the implants. In this case, all the mouths are implanted and no teeth will be left empty.

The cost of implants for all teeth

From twenty-four teeth, eight to sixteen implants are performed for the duodenum (in most cases, sixteen implants are performed to reduce the pressure on each implant); Multiply this number by the cost of the implant and the rest of the teeth are covered. Multiply this number by the cost of the coating and reach the final number. In fact, implanting all teeth does not mean calculating the cost of implants for each tooth.

Installment implants

Installment dental implants are performed in Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam’s office. Of course, it is recommended that although dental services are in installments for the benefit of clients, but considering that the health of the teeth, in addition to affecting your social and professional relationships, also affects your health. Look for the best dental centers, not installment dentistry! Installment implants are performed in most cities, including Qom, Isfahan, Ardabil, Zanjan, Mashhad, Kerman, Tehran, Isfahan, Urmia, Ahvaz, and in different areas of Tehran, including Saadatabad, Narmak, and Niavaran.

A good dentist for dental implants

Dr. Gholam-Ali Gholami, Dr. Behzad Hooshmandi, Dr. Amirreza Rokan, Dr. Kaveh Seydan, Dr. Ashkan Mostafa Nejad, Dr. Reza Pourabbas, Dr. Reza Amid, Dr. Rousta, Dr. Mansour Meymandi, Dr. Ramin Jafarzadeh are dear colleagues and honors of Iran.

Does the implant hurt?

Does the dental implant hurt? How many days after implantation do we have pain? All stages of implant placement from anesthesia injection to suturing with the help of special techniques are completely painless. Most clients of Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam Dental Center call the center the day after surgery and appreciate the painless service. In this center, various methods are used to reduce pain and implant surgery is performed with world-class methods. Painless implant placement is one of the obligations of Dr. Pouraghdam Dental Center. All our clients realize that dental implants are not painful. Fear of dental implant pain or bone graft pain is meaningless.

The best implant specialist

A specialist is said to have obtained a valid degree from a reputable university, but simply being a specialist doctor does not mean doing the ideal job. Seeing portfolios is one of the best ways. Because dentistry is a combination of science and art and just having scientific credentials does not constitute the ideal performance of dental services.

Dental implant complications and defects

Dental implants are currently the best replacement for lost teeth. Complications and disadvantages of dental implants include:

  1. Relatively high cost (of course, there are cheap implants that are more expensive than quality implants in the long run due to the problems they will create in the future)
  2. Sometimes it can’t be done because of problems like uncontrolled diabetes.
  3. Can not be placed under the age of eighteen.
  4. The implant cover may need to be replaced. Of course, natural dental veneers also have a limited life and need to be replaced after a while.
  5. If the implant brand or implant placement is not appropriate, it will lead to irreversible complications, one of which is bone resorption. As a result of bone resorption, the person’s face also changes and in some parts it becomes sunken.

Korean implants

The price of Korean implants is generally lower than European and American implants, but this does not mean that the quality of Korean implants is low, but some Korean implants are better than many European and American brands. Basically, in the implant, the country of manufacture is not important, but the brand of the implant is important. In fact, we should not check the quality of Korean implants, we should check the quality of the implant brand itself. The best type of Korean implant is the osstem implant. The price of Korean implants depends on its brand. Other Korean implants available in the Iranian market are Dentis, Dave, Megagen implants.

Implant after a few years of tooth extraction or immediately after tooth extraction

The distance between tooth extraction and implant has four modes;

Implant at the same time as tooth extraction

Implants six to eight weeks after tooth extraction

Implants are performed three to four months after tooth extraction

Implants are performed several years after tooth extraction

The question that most clients ask is how long after a tooth can be implanted? According to most prominent experts in the world, in most cases, the best option is option two, but in case of lack of clients, mode one is also done. And in Iran, in most cases, dentists perform implants immediately after tooth extraction. Implants can also be done after a few years of tooth extraction, although in 40% of cases they may also require a bone graft.

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Duration of implant treatment

How long does a dental implant take? How long does the implant process take? How long is the implant treatment? It is one and a half to nine months. However, this length of treatment does not mean frequent visits during this period, and during this time, clients refer for three to five sessions, even for whole tooth implants, but in terms of time, the shortest time to perform an implant is related to Strohman implant, active model, which is within one month. It boils on the bone. Of course, several other brands guarantee this time, but common sense dictates that in case of lack of time, we should choose the best brand because not only the length of the implant treatment is important, but also the life of the implant.

Advantages of dental implants over other treatments

The advantages of implants over bridges and pinballs are enormous. The most important advantage of implants is the preservation of bone due to the pressure it puts on the bone. The jawbone has a great impact on a person’s beauty and health, and of course, the analysis of this bone can not be compensated to some extent by a bone graft. It is worth mentioning that according to Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam, dental implants, although they are the best replacement for lost teeth, are weaker than the weakest root that can be maintained, so she always emphasizes the preservation of clients’ maintainable teeth.

Implant specialty

There is no evidence in dentistry as an implant specialist. So there is no doctor who specializes in implants.

The best brand of dental implants

The question most of our clients ask is what is the best type of implant? There are five top brands of implants in the world, which dentists around the world always praise, and these implants are the best-selling implants in Europe and North America. From this list, Stromman implants can be considered the best implant brands. These implants include:

  1. zimmer american implant
  2. Swiss-Stroman ITI implant
  3. German Xive implant
  4. American implant ASTRA
  5. American Implant Biohorizons

Did you know that dentists themselves choose the best type of implant to replace their lost teeth? And most dentists choose the best implant brand, Strohman, to replace their lost teeth.

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The best implant center

The best implant center and the best implant doctor is a center that uses quality implants in accordance with hygienic principles and uses original parts during the implant placement process. For implants, it is recommended to go to private offices or dental centers and clinics where your doctor is the founder of that center.

In the cities of Tehran, Karaj, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad, Urmia, Ahvaz, Rasht, Chalous, Sari and other cities, there are several specialized implant centers that you can choose the best center by examining the work samples of these centers.

If you do not have a reputable implant center in your city, you can benefit from the services of our center by Online visit and sending photos and remote consultation.

Implant loosening

If the implant loosens, it is best to see a dentist as soon as possible. In most cases, this loosening is related to the implant cover, which the dentist reattaches the implant cover.

Laser implants

Laser implants can mean two things;

1) Laserlock implant; A number of implants have their surface prepared with a laser, which greatly reduces the bone resorption around these implants and the gingival tissue has better adhesion to the implant.

2) Laser implants; In this method, instead of using a razor to cut the gums, a laser is used. At Dr. Bahman Pouraghdam Dental Center, some laser dental implant surgeries are performed. In some cases, using a laser to perform an implant is not in the patient’s best interest. Laser implant placement or the price of a laser implant is no different from other surgeries and implants.

Ceramic implants

Some implants are made of ceramic instead of titanium metal, but these types of implants are not very common.

It is worth mentioning that the use of ceramic abutment is recommended in beautiful areas.

Guaranteed implant or implant with warranty

At Dr. Pouraghdam Dental Center, all services have a 12-month warranty, and if there are any problems in the work process, problems can be seen in these 12 months, but in order to increase the life of the treatment, in addition to choosing the right implant brand and full observance of implant placement by dentists, Hygiene (brushing 2-3 times with floss) and proper nutrition (not consuming too much sweets, sticky and sour foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol and smoking) and the use of water jets are mandatory for clients.

Obviously, not observing these cases will not make implant treatment for life. At the end of a question; Given that natural teeth are of a higher quality than implants, did your current tooth have a lifetime warranty?

Your implant center may guarantee the implant is implanted, but the fact is that the life of the implant depends on many factors.

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